Brief; We encounter systems and routines everyday. Some of these are rarely aware of, some are essential, some are frustrating. After choosing a system, creating 3 typographic ideas and 3 collages relating to your system, create at least 2 final A3 posters to explain and portray your choice. 




After recieving feedback I realised that my posters do not work unless they are all together in a quadrilogy; it makes them flow better and more easily understandable. This could be seen as a negative however I think that they would be displayed side by side as they are showing a system followed by a question about what you would have just done yourself. I think this project was very successful; maybe because this is one of my strongest projects as I was working with something I know, Photoshop, and working with something I enjoy, collage. 




Brief; A devising, sudden and irreversible environmental disaster has taken place affecting the whole world. Create a body adornment to help adapt or protect all humans. IMG_5279.JPG

Synopsis; It’s 500 years from now,, technology has majorly advanced; not enough to take over but enough that humans are now obsessed. Every image, every thought and every action is uploaded for all to see. Privacy is a think of the past. The only way to protect yourself and your identity is to hide. The life is lonely and isolated, but there is no choice, everything is electronic and automatic.

‘Body Adornment’


> I think that my idea for this project was good. I may not have executed the final piece as well as I could have. If I’d have had more than a week to complete this project I would have thought more about how I could construct the cage around it, making it less visible and making the pixels more obvious. 


Brief; Draw an item onto an A4 sheet of paper, give it to your neighbor and trace the one your given. Once you’ve done this, work on morphing the two images. Start at the mid point, working through more and more images in between the ones you’ve already done. 

The ‘Inbetweening’ Technique; A process of creating transitional frames between 2 separate objects in order to show an appearance of movement and evolution. This technique helps to make a fluid motion through the illustration.



“Watch your lips” – please find the link below to a rough copy of my animation on my Vine.




Brief; Create a short narrative based on the given theme ‘journey’. Include a sense of events in about 12 images: think about shots that may not be necessary and use a variety of different angles.   IMG_4518.JPG Final Storyboard Idea and Narrative; A set of 14 images. A girl is walking to class, pops into the bathroom and does has hair/ make up, feels like she is looking great. She walks past two boys, they look like they are checking her out but actually are laughing. As she goes to the class room, everyone looks down and start laughing and pointing at her, she looks down and sees that she has a train of toilet roll stuck to her shoe.

‘Toilet Tragedy’ 


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 DSC_0115

> I have mixed emotions about this project. Some of the images weren’t as accurate as we’d have hoped for and the flash in some images made them stand out from the others resulting in them having to be cut from the sequence. 


Brief; To create a 2D or 3D fictional place, using your summer projects as the initial inspiration. Record an event or development happening in this fictional place. You can do this using a photographic storyboard, computer animation, live presentation or film etc.


Final Outcome Idea; a group of images we decided best represented our 3D outcome before our event along with a short, stop motion, animation show the time of day changing.


DSC_2367 DSC_2359

DSC_2358 DSC_2385

> I think that this project was a success. The use of the light moving over the 3D fantasy town model, as if to be a sun, showed clearly time passing without us having to move any of the buildings and forestry that we created. 


Brief; To buy an old painting or framed picture from a charity shop, the cheaper the better. Improve it. Rename it. 

“Down with the Trumpet”


>  I wasn’t very sure about this task. The vague ‘improve it’ let my mind wonder and worry but in the end I liked what I came up with. I used a fine liner and gold gel pen to create a vibrant yet fitting saxophone with musical notes dispersing, as if it were being played in the image. I think that this improved the photograph in a way that it is now modernised and there is a focus to look at.