Brief; A devising, sudden and irreversible environmental disaster has taken place affecting the whole world. Create a body adornment to help adapt or protect all humans. IMG_5279.JPG

Synopsis; It’s 500 years from now,, technology has majorly advanced; not enough to take over but enough that humans are now obsessed. Every image, every thought and every action is uploaded for all to see. Privacy is a think of the past. The only way to protect yourself and your identity is to hide. The life is lonely and isolated, but there is no choice, everything is electronic and automatic.

‘Body Adornment’


> I think that my idea for this project was good. I may not have executed the final piece as well as I could have. If I’d have had more than a week to complete this project I would have thought more about how I could construct the cage around it, making it less visible and making the pixels more obvious. 


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