Brief; Creative design. Design a 3D prototype helping or improving a crisis. Think about scale, social, physical, mental, comedy, creative, culture, political, artists and conflicts. 

Crisis notes; eating soup, it always falls off the spoon, it’s messy and inconvenient. Could add a lip, finger marks to grip. Thinking about the size of the scoop, thickness and length of the handle.



> (peer crit) Original; could have a simular thing for a cup of coffee, can’t stand when soup falls off the spoon. The thickness of the spoon in great for people with big hands, not having to clench the fist all the way up resulting in cramp. Also ideal for young children and the elderly people who are a bit shakey. Could use more of a curve around the scoop part of the spoon, and make the actual scoop bigger, rounder, like a soup spoon. 





> I am pleased with my spoon design above. I made sure that the handle was moulded to my hand, so the ridges were in the correct place. I think that the scoop part of the spoon may be a bit big and need some more experiments but am overall happy with it. It’s kind of a mini bowl. If I had more time and a product manufacture I would make the spoon out of plastic (for the handle) and then metal for the scoop. 


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