Brief; design, purpose and function. Create a chair, stable enough to hold a class member, out of the 10 sheet of cardboard provided. 

How can you engineer cardboard? Look at the structure of chairs, the degree to sit the back in conjunction with the base. Is it solid? Can it support itself and a person? Look at body positions, weight, distribution and placement.


jesss chair

This is an image of my 1:10 scale model of a chair. This is a simple design but includes a stable high back and deep enough seat to ensure enough room to sit cross legged.

After all creating initial designs and mini models we were put into groups to collaborate ideas. Our group managed to combine 3 out of 4 of our designs keeping with a high back and wide seat area.

FINAL CHAIR (full size)

jesss chair 2

I think that the reason our chair was as successful as it was, strong enough to hold 2 class members, is because of the structural forms of the base seat section. As we did not use all sheets of cardboard we were able to reinforce the base more than we had planned and also doubled up the main seat section and back panels. 

> (peer crit) The cross hatching inside the chair cheese slices make the seat really sturdy and I’d sit on in in full trust. I like the different type design, the high back resembles a dining table and the large seat a bean bag. Maybe the sides could use with some reinforcing from the inside but other than that the design is solid. 

Something to think about; Is the chair too big for a house? could it be a garden chair made out of a different material? Wood, plastic- only then weight could become an issue.


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