Brief; The 2014 IIDA SDC invited you to evolve the concept of the open office to offer employees’ a workplace that encourages health, well-being, collaboration and productivity.
To take into consideration, 30 members of staff spread through 6 departments and you need to include the 8 rooms listed online. The development is a 10,000 square foot office space.



With this first initial design I wanted to experiment with different shape levels within the floor layout. These included a ground floor shed and roof too terrance garden. I thought that the roof top was a good idea as it could help the employees to relax a little more with some fresh air to de-stress.



My design of the right is my favourite. It allows employees more opportunity to roam without a specific pathway. I have used brown in all of the designs I show optional vegetable patches with blue for a shallow pond too. With these designs they then inspired me for my next, scale drawings, to include stepping stones showing a path but still allowing freedom to walk off it.



After completing my floor plan designs I then created all the walls and flooring base for my ground floor level. Once I had created all the walls to scale on Vectorworks I added in squared and rectangles of where I wanted the windows and doors to be.





> I am really please with this final piece. I enjoyed working digitally and them creating a 3D final piece. Watching my model come to life excited me and has encouraged me to continue onto a degree in Interior Design and Architecture.
Although I enjoyed creating this piece if I was to repeat with further floors I would want to experiment with different glues to enhance the clean slick look of my model. I found that PVA took too long to dry and hot glue was too quick. When the hot glue dried too quick it also meant that the walls did not sit as close to the floor base as possible.
Since completing this model I have decided to create the next 2 levels and roof top terrace to make the full building I designed. I think this would be a good idea for the future when I need to display or show evidence of my work.

> (peer crit) It’s really good, I like how there is quite an open space between the three rooms to the left of the corridor. I also love the big windows! An area to improve on would be to add something to make it stand out from a normal layout, you could make the rooms on the left of the corridor bigger and change the long middle window- I don’t get it. Informed isn’t a window but a fish tank. Overall a well built mock up.


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